Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 150W

Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 150W

150w mat 10m2

FROM £0.00

If you are looking for a reliable underfloor heating mat that provides can be used on tiles and othe..

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Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 200W

Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 200W

200w mat

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Floor-heat 200w electric underfloor heating mat..

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Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

The underfloor heating mat kit which we are offering is suitable for use under different types of floors like natural stone, granite, marble and tiles. What makes our underfloor heating mats kit unique is that they are suitable for installation in the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, living room and conservatories. Therefore, they are ideal for use as a primary source of heat in most settings. They have a lifetime warranty and are fibre glass mesh backed.

To install electric under floor heating UK mat, the floors must be swept of all types of debris. Ensure that there is nothing on the floor which can damage electric underfloor heating UK mat. The price of these underfloor heating match kits has been kept within an affordable price range. Therefore, if you want to buy the best underfloor heating mat without burning a hole in your pocket, then FLOOR-HEAT is your one-stop-shop.

Floor-heat electric underfloor heating mat are available in 150 & 200w mat kits

Floor-heat electric underfloor heating mats are suitable for most floor types, and can be used as a primary or secondary heat source

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