Are you tired of paying too much amount of utility bills just to get an evenly heated room? Worn out by the long and costly installation processes for just a heating system? Well in that case our new “Electric Underfloor Heating Mat” (can be used as either primary or secondary heating source) is just the right option for you. Offering you the blessing of deluxe concealed heat perfect for your newly built as well as for the renovation facility.

We are not just offering it on a much discounted price but also assuring quick and easy installation for all your rooms including bathroom, kitchen, living room, hall way, very much ideal for the rooms having regular shape, suitable with any material be it granite, marble or natural stone-works perfectly with any of these. This mat comes in various power outputs such 
as 100w, 150w, 200w etc.

With a very minimal raising of the floor due to its ultra-thin shape having depth of only 3mm, yet equipped with dual core heating elements doesn’t affect the aesthetic or comfort of your room after installation. It is fully adhesive, making sure that it sticks on the surface of the floor uniformly giving a very adorable performance i.e. assuring functionality without compromising on the comfort or visual appearance of your room. It has a greater, worth mentioning reliability with a more robust system.

The technology is capable of directly heating the space of the room, not the air and saves you from any radiators or piping being exposed around. The function of the floor mat is dependent on a number of factors such as the size of the room in which the mat is installed, the heat loss, the type of the project and obviously the type of finish applied on the floor.

In the current trend where every technology is designed by the level of sustainability it offers, our electric underfloor heating mat keeps you warm using as low energy as possible, minimizing the CO2 emissions as well as protecting the environment. These are made of very resilient, long lasting and durable cables, available in different sizes as per convenience of the customer.

Our Electric Underfloor Heating Mat make it extremely easy for the consumer to install it allowing them to enjoy a safer, hassle-free and much easier process to enjoy the floor heating very quickly. We are offering an installation process that does not require the usage of any adhesive or levelling compounds, instead we can call it ‘dry installation’. As it can be easily rolled out on to the floor just before the floor is covered with the final finish. It has an inbuilt and internal self-adhesion property which helps it to bind with the floor evenly and it gives a very firm grip.

We advise you to run a resistance test to make sure that no damage has been done before you lay on the tiles. You can also use underfloor heating insulation boards as well. This will help to 44reduce the costs up to fifty percent and will help in the reduction of heat-up considerably.
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