Electric Underfloor Heating

What is Electric Underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating systems have been in existence for over 20 years. Electric underfloor heating is a product used for creating warmth. Suitable for use in domestic or commercial use. Electric underfloor heating systems can be used as a primary heat source or a secondary. 

Why Electric Underfloor Heating?

Electric Underfloor heating along with water is the only type of heating that will warm your floor up. These systems will give you comfort that is incomparable with all other type of heating systems. Being able to wake up on a freezing early morning and walk on pre-programmed floors be it the bathroom or kitchen is comfort you will enjoy with no other system.

Along with the comfort, there is the minimal installation cost on the Electric Underfloor Heating kits, certain small areas can also be installed DIY following the correct instructions.

Installation of electric underfloor heating kits will have very limited impact on the overall layout of the room, with ultra thin cables and insulation the maximum depth it will add is approximately 1cm. This gives you the choice to install electric underfloor heating in just a single room like the kitchen or bathroom, or a entire floor area.

Types Of Electric Heating

Electric underfloor heating generally come in 3 types, Electric heating mats, loose electric heating cable and foil electric heating mat. Each mat has its own individual use which is detailed below. The heat output varies from 100w/m2 up to 250w/m2.

Electric Underfloor Heating Mat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This is a fibre glass mesh with a 3.2mm ultra thin heating cable fluoropolymer insulated  spaced out evenly. Heat output is available in 150, 200 and 250w. Mat sizes start at 1m2 upt0 12m2. Each mat is 50cm wide. This mat is generally used for square/rectangle shaped rooms which are straight forward for the electric underfloor heating mat to be rolled out on to.

Loose Heating Cable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A 3.2mm ultra thin heating cable fluoropolymer insulated, which has a heat output of  150w. This is used for areas which are irregular in shape which would make it very difficult for the mats to be rolled on.

The above two kits are compatible with all floors, including solid, wood and floating floors. Some of the surfaces compatible with the above two Electric Heating Systems are ceramics, porcelain, stone, marble, granite.

Laminate/Wood Heating Mat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This is a electric heating mat designed to be used with most type of wood floorings, including real wood, laminate and engineered wood. The mat is made up of a fluoropolymer insulated cabled encased between two layers of specially reinforced aluminium foil. The uniform spacing of the heating elements, further backed by the aluminium foil, ensures even heat distribution.

All Electric Heating Mats and Cables come with a lifetime warranty

All Electric Heating mats and cables confirm to IEC/EN 60335 which is certified and approved by Intertek Semco

Where can Electric Underfloor heating be used?

Electric underfloor heating kits can be used for various application in most types of settings, some of the most common are listed below

What is the cost of Electric underfloor heating kits and running costs?

The purchase cost of a electric underfloor heating system is very affordable, as you will see from our online shop, each system is priced per m2, for a standard bathroom you could purchase the Electric under tile kit for less than £100. A kitchen or a larger room will cost more but this product on its own will add value to your property along with its main purpose of keeping your room warm

The running cost vary depending on it being a primary heat source or not, if the area is well insulated and the floor covering it is under is a good heat conductor or not, on a typical well insulated home the running cost on a 200w system is 2p/m2 per hour

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