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With the proper insulation, control the temperature inside your house.

Our insulation keeps your house cozy and energy-efficient all year long, keeps the heat in during the winter, and keeps you comfortable when the sun comes out.

With outstanding customer service and fast national distribution, Floor-Heat is committed to providing you the highest quality components for your construction project.

Our Insulation boards come in different sizes to meet your requirements. XPS insulation which come in 3mm or 6mm thickness, or cement board insulation which come in 6mm, 10mm and 12mm.

The cement board is the perfect insulation to lay down prior to installing the underfloor heating. It prevents heat loss, and at the same time enabling the underfloor heating mat to warm up quicker.

The cement board insulation can also be used as a tile backer board, on walls and floor. Being completely waterproof it is the perfect product for bathrooms and wetrooms, So whether you need to use with or without underfloor heating purchasing online with floor-heat at the best rates is the perfect option.

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